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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are you a Twitter Prostitute or Tweet Purity Ring Wearer?

Where do you fall on the spectrum of increasing your twitter following? Do you have your account locked down so only those "special" ones can get in? Or are you out on the corner begging for people to come visit you? You think you know what you may be on this spectrum but what does your follower count say about your Twitter promiscuity?

Just curious. Leave comments with where you think you fall on the line but also thoughts on why you would lean to one side more than the other. What keeps you from being an extremist in either direction?

No fence riders allowed! Pick a side!

1 comment:

Seth said...

Damn it! No fence riding? But that's my strategy!

I guess I'm a Twitter Prostitute; but I have criteria. So I'm sort of high class, right?

I'll follow anyone who meets the following: from Boise, ID. Has a bio. Has a website (that's not your facebook/ twitter page). And they @mention people.

I'll follow back anyone that meets that criteria too.

However, after that I get pretty picky. The rates go up I guess you could say. ;-)