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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making Time for Conferences

Finding the time to attend a conference is difficult. Then there is the "Is it worth my time" factor. I think that largely depends on the conference but is more determined by the individual.

Are you the type of person who learns by seeing or by doing? Sometimes a conference will allow for both those people to have a great experience. However, if you are more of a trial by fire person it may be better to monitor twitter and grab the nuggets that other people find interesting.

So how do you find those nuggets from these conferences? Here are my suggestions:

  1. Follow the conference hashtag. They developed it for a reason, use it.
  2. Follow people in the industry. These can be the head honchos or just the people you know that are going.
  3. Don't try to get it all in one sitting. Many people and many different sessions will more than likely be going at once. Divide your time appropriately. Find the sessions you will be interested in and look for that info, then go back and find the nuggets that escaped your first round.
Attending conferences can be both engaging, invigorating and informative but it isn't always available or doesn't fit every personality. Choose wisely but continue your education/knowledge through networking.

SMX Advanced - June 11-12, 2013

I will be headed to SMX Advanced this June. Would love to meet up with any people interested in networking or "talking shop".

As always you can follow me on Twitter.

Look forward to interacting with any fellow Search Marketers.

What are people looking for, based SEO

I am opening this one up to my audience. 

What steps do you take to find out what you should be optimizing your site for? 

Often, our internal speak is not that of our clients. When you are entrenched in your product or site you often have to work very hard to separate yourself from what you know to what your customer knows. 

What are your solutions?