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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome KTRV Fox 12 Viewers and New and Old Visitors

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog or visit again if you are returning. If you are here just by chance, welcome! If you are here due to the story on KTRV Fox 12, double welcome.

As mentioned on the newscast; I am out on the job hunt but it has not yet produced a full time job offer. What my hunt has uncovered are some opportunities for me to assist businesses with;

-Their ongoing web presence on the search engines
-Marketing strategy (including media buying recommendations)
-Pay-per-click advertising setup and maintenance

I will be glad to talk to anyone interested in what my services may offer. Leave me a message below or direct message me at Sorry I do not post my email or phone number as sites often get scraped by spammers and I am lucky to thus far be pretty spam free.
By the way, if you are not yet on Twitter it is a great opportunity to start networking as well as researching direct consumer comments about products you are about to buy. This tool has helped immensely thus far.

Please review my resume and my other blog postings and discussions. Leave comments there as well and I will gladly further discuss my thoughts on the topics I have covered.

Thanks again for visiting hope to talk to you soon.

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