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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skittles' Multiple Personality Disordedr

So now Skittles have switched from their Facebook page to their Wikipedia entry, something that is even more stable but truly not that interesting or interactive, in my opinion.(See this previous post for info on the previous Twitter version of their homepage.)
They also still have their twitter feed but it is now under the "Chatter" button.
They also still have their Facebook account up but it is now under their "Friends" button. Another thing of note on the Facebook account is that they took the discussion forum off the main page but it appears to have given the posts portion the full page rather than boxed it off to multiple things. Well there is the latest update.
One person on my Twitter feed discussion on the Skittles Facebook page mentioned that last Friday they had their Wikipedia page as the homepage but Wikipedia flagged the entry as an advertisement that needed a major re-write to become an actual encyclopedic entry. Here is the Wikipedia entry before and now after. As you can see there was a major re-write that went on. Maybe it was their goal the whole time to have Wikipedia as their page but needed to wait for the major content re-write to take place. Who knows.

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