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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How bad does your search engine have to be?

According to an article by CNET it states that a February search traffic report from a Microsoft insider shows 48% of Microsoft employees use Google as their search engine and 48% use Live, the rest are divided among Yahoo and others. Hmm what does this tell you about Microsoft's search product? Needs improvement maybe?
Maybe the search engineers that they have headhunted from Yahoo can help them out of this rut with their launch of Kumo. However, I think starting internally with a wish list from those internal searchers would garner them some interesting results as to why they shy away from Microsoft Live search product.
Maybe a $100 million ad campaign is bit too high for a product that can't pass above a 50% usage rate among its own company's employees. Possibly they should consider a $25 million research campaign to make sure they are giving the consumer what they want, oh wait these are the guys that gave us Vista, that's right... my bad...

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