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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yahoo Showing Facebook and Wikipedia Pics next to Natural Results and an In-Results Video Player

Yahoo seems to be experimenting with enhanced listings for Facebook, Wikipedia, and an In-Results Video Player (or have they been doing this for awhile and I just didn't notice? Probably not since I am a Yahoo searcher for my search queries.) It appears to be part of a beta test for Yahoo! Search Gallery.

For this test it looks like it is set as a default for all users, since I did not have to opt-in to it and I was not logged into my Yahoo! account at the time. This seems to be a variation of the Search Monkey apps that they launched about a year ago but all of these enhanced listings are for the most part developed the same. I have screen shots below of the Facebook, Wikipedia, and the In-Results Video Player. Hopefully more to come.

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Josh said...

Great post! I've noticed that many of the social media powerhouses are optimizing profile pages like Facebook and Twitter.



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